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Repaint by Lou. Hair by Laura.

Home to One Of A Kind Fashion Doll Design Collection. All dolls on this site are owned and not available for purchase. We no longer take any commission but welcome any feedback you may have.

A little history…

My passion and hobby for Mattel’s Barbie collecting has brought me to the wonderful world of One Of A Kind doll design – this was way back in 2001. Once I gathered enough courage to paint my first Barbie, it quickly became an obsession, especially when my sister Laura decided to join Lou Creations.


We experimented with different media and used a small range of fashion dolls from the likes of Barbie, Gene Marshall, to Tonner and Living Dead Dolls.Although we’ve not been active for some time, we did sail through a few years of designing, collaborating and selling fashion dolls to collectors all over the world.


This website is a tribute to all Lou Creations doll owners, this enjoyable hobby and the unforgettable experience and journey Laura and I embarked on. We hope you enjoy your visit here as much as we did putting this collection together.

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